GE Appliances New Slate Finish

GE Appliances has introduced a new kitchen appliance finish called Slate. The new slate finish is low gloss, warm metallic gray that is finger print resistant and easy to clean unlike stainless steel. Beginning in October 2012 GE will manufacture two french door refrigerator models, two free standing gas range models, two free standing electric range models, two built in dishwasher models, and an over the range microwave vent in the new Slate finish. We cannot wait to see these in person in our NJ appliance stores!

Karl’s Appliance September Live Cooking Demo Schedule

Karl’s Appliance has unveiled the cooking demo schedule for September 2011. The demonstrations all take place in our Fairfield, NJ appliance store located at 65 Passaic Ave. Fairfield, NJ 07004.

NJ Appliance Store

High End Appliance Display

Come see what a kitchen appliance can do BEFORE you buy! The manufacturer provides the chef so you know you are watching a true expert! Watch as the chef creates and prepares fabulous food right in front of you on the cooking appliances being demonstrated. You will have the opportunity to sample all of the delicious food prepared. During the demonstration the chef will be available to answer any questions you might have regarding the product or the recipe.

GE Cafe Series Appliances

GE has introduced a new series of kitchen appliances for customers that are in search of a Stainless Steel restaurant style kitchen. The GE Cafe series of appliances offers customers the professional looks of commercial kitchen appliances with the functionality and features of modern luxury kitchen appliances.

Cooking appliances in the GE Cafe suite include gas, dual fuel, and electricelectric ranges all with modern slide in range styling. All of these ranges feature Reversing Air Convection and a lower oven that can be used as a warming drawer. These features allow the customer to cook like a professional in their own kitchen.

GE Cafe also has your ventilation needs covered. They offer the option of a designer wall hood or over the range microwave. The halogen lit ventilation hood offers 600 cfm of exhaust power and matches all of the GE Cafe ranges. The over the range microwave features a LCD menu driven cooking system and a hidden vent to provide stylish functionality.

To finish offer your professional looking kitchen, GE Cafe offers two Counter Depth Refrigerators and a built in dishwasher. The bottom mount french door refrigerator and the side by side refrigerator both feature Cabinet Depth styling and ClimateKeeper temperature management system. The fully integrated dishwasher features SmartDispense technology which allows you to add up to 47 oz of detergent and have it automatically dispense at the right time.

The GE Cafe series of appliances brings the professional restaurant to your home kitchen. As they say “The most important ingredient is you”.