Using Steam in Appliances – Part 2: Steam Dryers

You may be asking yourself isn’t steam just water that is heated up? How is this going to help dry my clothes? Steam in clothes dryers is not necessarily designed to actually dry your clothes but it does have its advantages.

Even though steam is a natural byproduct of applying heat to wet clothes, dryers that add steam during the right part of a cycle can give you a number of benefits. Steam penetrates the fabrics of your clothing deeply to soften the fabric and reduce wrinkling. Steam can also sanitize clothing, eliminating allergens and bad smells.

Steam dryers can also offer you benefits for clothes that are already dry. If you have a shirt that is wrinkled or has an odor, some dryers offer a Steam Refresh cycle that can eliminate the wrinkles or odor without any water or detergent. The steam can also be useful if you are not around to take your clothes out of the dryer right away. If the clothing cools it can tend to harden and wrinkle. If you run a quick steam cycle, the clothing will soften back up and be wrinkle free.

Maytag Bravos Steam Dryer

One thing to consider when purchasing a steam dryer is how the dryer applies the steam. Some models have a true steam generator that pumps pure steam into the dryer while other models release a mist of water that heats up and turns to steam. While both methods are effective, a steam generator will do a better job. Another thing to consider is whether the water for the steam comes from a reservoir that you have to fill up or if the dryer has a direct water connection like a washer would. While both ways are effective, a direct connection saves you the hassle of constantly having to fill the water reservoir.

Steam dryers are a new convenience that is becoming more popular every day. They operate on the same principles people have been using forever such as hanging a wrinkled shirt in the bathroom while you take a steamy shower to eliminate wrinkles. With the prices and availability becoming better everyday, the steam dryer is becoming a realistic luxury for many households. For information on the complete line of steam appliances please visit Karl’s Appliance

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