Using Steam in Appliances – Part 1: Steam Washers

Washer with Steam Cycles
I am sure by now you have heard the buzz surrounding new appliances with Steam Technology. If you are confused about what this means and how it can make your life easier, this is the article for you. Karl’s Appliance will be doing a series on every type of appliance that is available with steam.
Steam and washing machines is a match made in cleaning heaven. Steam helps in washers by keeping fabric soft and free of wrinkles. Depending on the make and model of washer you choose you may see different cycles that utilize the steam. In a prewash or soak setting the steam loosens up fabrics allowing the water and detergent to penetrate deeply. During the wash cycle the steam acts as additional heat to heat the water to a more effective cleaning temperature and also to dissolve the detergent more efficiently. In the post wash cycle the steam sterilizes the clothing and also softens it to prevent wrinkling. Some models offer a Steam Allergiene cycle that help sanitize clothing from dust mites and dander for people that have severe allergies. Steam does lengthen the cycles; however there is always the option to turn it off.
Besides the cleaning benefits of steam washers, there is also a benefit to the environment. Steam washers use less electricity and consume less water than conventional washing machines. A little quantity of water produces a lot of steam which heats water more efficiently and with less energy than normal washers. So if you are thinking of replacing your old clothes washer think about the benefits a steam washer can bring you and your family.

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