MasterChef Technology from Miele Appliances

Miele was the first appliance company in the world to introduce touch controlled appliances in 1978. Today they are taking touch control technology to the next level with the introduction of the Masterchef technology. This technology known as Navitronics allows for smooth intuitive navigation through the touch screen menus.

Miele’s Masterchef collection aims to offer the customer the combined knowledge of all the great chefs of the world into one easy to use reference tool inside your oven. Masterchef is a system in slect Miele wall ovens that allows to choose from a huge menu of food items and push a button to cook the item to precise perfection every time. Miele ovens with Masterchef give you the benefit of :
– High-performance convection systems that eliminate flavor transfer so you can cook several dishes on multiple levels simultaneously.
– Cooking temperatures so precise that every cookie, every pastry and every filet is perfectly done.
– Unique programs that know exactly how long to sear, then roast at a lower temperature for succulent results.

Miele Masterchef Controls

The ease of use is what really sets the Miele Masterchef apart from other wall ovens. Just push the ON button and you will be directed step by step through an easy to understand menu that puts gourmet cooked food right at your fingertips. Also, if you have the recipe down pat yourself; you can use the oven normally like you would any other oven.

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