Cooking with your Countertop or Over the Range Microwave – A Users Guide

When cooking in a microwave, whether it be a countertop or over the range model, you need to be aware of what can and cannot be used. This applies to cookware, dishes, and utensils. Safety always comes first, and this guide will hopefully make you a safer, and better cook.

First and foremost when considering cooking in the microwave, metal is a big no no. Metal actually reflects the waves generated by your microwave causing it to burst into flames. Products like glass, paper, plastic, and most ceramic allow the waves to pass through to the food, which is how it cooks. It is important to make sure an item you put in the microwave has no metal anywhere including around the rim, in a twisty tie, or in the actual composition of the cookware. Metals such as gold, silver, and platinum are sometimes not visible, but are present in some types of cookware. It is best to confirm that your cookware is certified microwave safe before using it.

Items that are safe for use in microwaves include paper, plastic dishes, most glass and ceramic, and boilable plastic pouches. Special care should taken when using Styrofoam, and plastic that it not be cooked too ling as it will melt under extreme heat. It is also important to make sure to keep 1″ space between the dish and each side of the microwave.

By following these simple guidelines, you will enjoy longer life from your cooking appliance, while also ensuring your safety. For all your microwave needs be sure to visit Karls Appliance

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