Buying Sub-Zero Refrigerators in NJ: Part 1 – The Built-in Collection

Sub-Zero, the leading designer and manufacturer of built-in refrigerators, offers a number of distinct collections.  The largest and most popular is the Built-In line consisting of the following types: all refrigerator, all freezer, over-and-under (also referred to as a bottom mount fridge or bottom freezer), and side-by-side.  These are available in many sizes including 30 inches wide.

For the 2008/2009 model year, Sub-Zero designers and engineers took a fresh look at everything, inside and out.  The result is an entirely revamped line of refrigeration products offering four distinct design approaches:  Framed, Overlay, Flush Inset, and Stainless Steel.

Framed: This design option offers the ability for designers to place kitchen cabinet matching ¼ inch custom wood panels on the refrigerator for an integrated design.  There is a frame surrounding the wood panels on all four sides – hence the designation framed.  Sub-Zero framed refrigerators offer a full length handle and a louvered grill.  This is a classic Sub-Zero design but it is largely making way to the newer Overlay style.

Overlay:  This design uses ¾ inch custom wood panels to integrate with residential kitchen cabinetry.  ¾ inch panels are the same thickness as cabinet and drawer doors in most kitchens and there is no frame surrounding the panels.  Overlay refrigerators do not include handles (Sub-Zero handles may be purchased separately) allowing designers to use matching kitchen cabinet hardware.  Overlay models come with a panel grill frame that also accepts a custom wood panel.

Flush Inset: Sub-Zero overlay model refrigerators may now be installed flush with kitchen cabinets – no more protruding refrigerator!  This new flush inset design option offers a more integrated solution for the built-in collection.  Flush inset installation is available with both custom wood panels and stainless steel panels (purchased separately).  Flush inset installations have different requirements, so make sure you inform your kitchen designer if you choose this option!

Stainless Steel Refrigerators: Of course Sub Zero offers high quality stainless steel finishes!  Stainless steel models are available with either Tubular or Professional (or Pro) handle options and include a classic stainless steel grill.  Pro handles now coordinate with Wolf professional ranges and other cooking products.

Other Sub-Zero Improvements and Advantages:  As always, Sub-Zero offers true dual refrigeration, which makes these models very unique.  Two separate compressors preserve food in two individually sealed compartments.  Since there is no transfer of air and humidity between the refrigerator compartment and the freezer compartment, temperature and humidity is highly consistent which helps to preserve food’s freshness.  Each unit even includes a card showing how long food will stay fresh in a Sub-Zero.

Energy Efficiency:  Many models within the Sub-Zero line of built-in refrigerators are now Energy Star Qualified.  Save money, the environment, and check to see if you qualify for a New Jersey or New York Energy Star refrigerator instant rebate!

Advanced Water Filtration:  This feature is now standard on all Sub-Zero Built-in Collection refrigerators for fresh, clean water and ice, every time.

Air Purification System:  Sub-Zero has found that effective food preservation requires the addition of an Air Purification System.  Food omits ethylene gas which can cause food to taste bitter, while simultaneously accelerating its decay.  The Pure Air system uses ultra-violet light and small tubes with a chemical compound to filter or scrub the air of this harmful compound.  The system also removes odors and bacteria.

Crisper and Deli Drawers:  Certain foods require lower temperatures or different humidity levels than the refrigerator compartment provides.  To ensure the ultimate in food preservation, Sub-Zero crisper and deli drawers offer both lower temperatures for meats and cheeses as well as different humidity levels for fruits and vegetables.

Top Compressor Grill: This flip-up grill provides easy access for routine cleaning and maintenance.

Star K Certification: All Sub-Zero Built-In refrigerator models are now Star-K certified!