Purchasing A New Clothes Washer: Front Load Washers Vs. Top Load Washing Machines

When shopping for a new washing machine, many consumers find themselves asking, “What makes a front load washer better than a top load and why would I want to spend the extra money on one?”

While front load washers may not be for everyone, there are significant benefits (both for the environment and the consumer) to purchasing a horizontal access washer.

Front load washing machines offer a number of significant improvements over the more traditional top load washing machines:

1. Greater Capacity. Front load washer capacities average 4.0 Cu. Ft. and go all the way to 4.7 Cu. Ft. These large capacity tubs are 25-30 percent larger than the average top load washer and fit king size comforters! Imagine eliminating trips to the Laundromat for those large items and reducing loads of laundry by 25%. Most customers are amazed by the cost and time savings these capacities afford. Spend time with your family not your laundry appliances!

2. Advanced Clothes Care. By design, the cleaning action of a front load clothes washer is gentler on clothing than traditional top load washing machines. People who use these washers find that clothing looks newer and lasts longer when washed in a front load machine. This is a tremendous benefit – most people do not realize how much they spend on clothing – as the average load of clothes often costs more than the washer that is cleaning them!

3. Superior Cleaning Action. Movement through water and the chemical action of detergents clean clothes. Front-Load washers move clothing in and out of the water more often per cycle compared to top loading machines. The result is simple – improved stain removal.

4. Energy & Water Conservation. Most, if not all, front loaders are Energy Star rated. They use about half the amount of electricity and up to a third the amount of water than other machines. The reduction of electricity and water usage not only helps the environment but some estimates show that the clothes washer can pay for itself over its lifespan with reduced utility bills.

Bottom Line: A front load washer may be a great way for you to save time, money, and the environment. The additional up-front expense may even be recuperated in water and energy costs, cleaner and longer lasting clothing, and time savings.

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